Teach Yourself To Play the Folk Harp

The most popular beginning book for people of all ages. This book teaches the student step by step how to play the folk harp. Each of the 12 lessons includes instructions, exercises, along with folk and classical pieces using the new skills and techniques taught in the lesson. It is an excellent book for any student, regardless of previous musical training. 44 pieces all in the key of C, with no sharping levers required. Fingering and placing brackets included. 80 pages, spiral-bound. See below for the book of lyrics.
Teach Yourself Book – $19 plus shipping & insurance.


Video or DVD

In this informative VIDEO companion to Teach Yourself To Play The Folk Harp, Sylvia Woods gives helpful hints and instruction as she plays the pieces in the book. This is an excellent way to see “how it should be done,” and receive helpful advice from Sylvia. This video is 100 minutes long, & follows the book, lesson by lesson. VHS
Teach Yourself VHS Video or DVD- $65  plus shipping & insurance