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Stage 3 Cambria 34 Harp – nearly finished!

This is one of our Cambria Harp Kits that I am assembling  as a totally finished harp. It will be finished with a full set of Loveland sharping levers. We have two choices of sharping levers as an option with these harp kits. This footage shows this harp in the stage of construction that nearly matches our Stage III kit, with the sound box almost finished, and the neck and pillar ready to be joined together.

In the Stage III kit, all the hardware holes are pre-drilled and tested, with just two places left to glue, the neck pillar joint, and the feet assembly.  This harp is being built with the optional Spruce sound board made from 20 year air-dried Engelmann Spruce. The standard option is for a Baltic Birch sound board. The entire rest of this harp is constructed from all solid Cherry wood.



Take a listen to this beautiful Cambria 34 Harp

This video shows the same Cambria 34 shown in the construction video above, fully assembled and being played.

This Cambria 34 has an optional full set of Loveland levers, and a solid Spruce sound board.