Hardware & Strings

Loveland Levers

$14 each



Loveland Levers are solid, precision-made of high strength polymer composite. They are very long-lasting.  Tonal preservation holds up to other levers.  The handles are smooth to engage and consistent.  Made in the U.S.  

Installing Loveland Levers

Tuning Peg #4x3"

 $2 each


Tapered Pin Reamer



Threaded Bridge Pins



Brass Bridge Pins

Small & Medium

$0.75 each

34 String Set


29 String Set


22 String Set Nylon or Bronze


Tuning Key #4


Leather Washer

.30 each

Soundboard Eyelet

.10 each

Thirty-five year air-dried, solid  Englemann Spruce Sound Board

$300 for the Cambria nylon 22

$325 for the Cambria 29

$350 for the Cambria 34

Plus Shipping and Handling on all items